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Challenge – Wild Wings


Take the Wild Wings Suicide Challenge!!

Suicide Challenge – For Those Who Dare

Think you can Handle Spices? Come prove it to us by participating in our Suicide Challenge.

It’s the Perfect Test of Speed (of Eating Wings), Precision (of Eating them Whole) and Persistence (of Taking the Spices dead-on).


– The Winner will get his/her name Chalked on our Wall of Fame In Both Cases, the following conditions must be met:

– No Dips are allowed to be taken with the Wings

– No Drinks are allowed to be consumed within the 1-minute duration of the Challenge

– Wings must be consumed wholely (to the bone)

– Challengers aren’t allowed to touch or wipe their face during the challenge

– Challengers are only allowed to eat with their hands (No utensils allowed)

There are two ways this Challenge Works:

1. Go Head to Head (Two Challengers)

– Both Challengers order the same number of Wings in SnakeBite Flavour

– Whoever Eats the Most under a Minute Wins the Challenge and the Wings they Ordered

– The Losing Challenger Pays pays for his Share of the Wings

2. Go Solo (One Challenger)

– Order 5 Wings in SnakeBite Flavour and Eat them whole in under a minute to Win the Challenge and Earn those Wings

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